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If you have the desire to learn and make extra money full or part time have an interest in electronic, and willing to spend your spare time assembling electronic component, then this offer from Electronic Laboratories my be for you.

Fotolia_86840_XS We do not require previous experience.  We will train you in different aspects of the electronics industry, and at the same time you will be paid for the assembly work that you do while you learn. We Pay $6.05 or more dependent of complexity of the board, for every board assembled and we supply all components. It takes the average person about 20 minutes to assemble one board.

It is not a get rich quick opportunity. It requires persistence, patience and  work. You can work whenever you like in the comfort of your own home.

Electronic Laboratories will not withhold income taxes, social security benefit or pay unemployment insurance. You are responsible fo your own taxes. 

Great for people who:

Need a flexible work schedule. 
Want to work from home, 
need a second income, 
want to be self employed

ELECTRONIC LABORATORIES makes it easy for you to learn, by providing all parts and printed circuit boards for you to assemble, as well as the necessary instructions in simple, easy to understand form. 
Since we have an investment of time, money and manpower in this program, we ask that you be sincere in accepting this offer. Otherwise the only obligation to you is a one-time –only registration fee of $ 48.90, which includes the cost of processing your application through our shipping department, and every thing else you need to get started immediately. 

We can only work with a limited number of assemblers at the time, so please respond as soon as possible if our offer interests you.
We realize you probably have no experience yet in electronics, so we’re offering you the chance now to examine our material before paying the full registration fee. Just send $19.00 now with the application form, and in return mail you will get a set of electronic parts [not including the printed board] for your examination. If you decide then that this really isn’t the right job for you, just return the entire set of parts to us within 14 days receive a full refund, less $ 6.75 postage, handling and inspection that charges. 
[ Returned kits must be complete, unused and intact.] 

But if you look over the assembly kit and decide that this is the kind of exciting opportunity you’ve been looking for, just send the balance of registration fee to us in the amount of $ 29.90 and we will assign you a registration number and register you as an assembler with ELECTRONIC LABORATORIES. We will then send the entire package to you immediately. Including the printed circuit board and the complete instructions to get you  started.

If Interested you can apply in one of the following ways:

1. Send Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to:  

Electronic Laboratories Inc. Assembly Dept.  P.O. Box 2437  Newnan,   Ga 30264. We will send you application form via return mail. 

2.  If you want to start immediately 

you can fill out application and pay fee on line using your credit card or paypal account. 

 To apply on line: click here.



WE offer opportunity  WORLDWIDE 

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