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Transmits up to 80 feet in the open and can be received on standard FM radio. Can be used for room monitoring.


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1. Hear through three floors of a building and can go over 180 feet in open air.
2. Most powerful circuit we’ve seen that operates on such low voltage.
3. Microphone included.
4. Transmits to FM radio band.

You can monitor your baby room using this device and standard FM radio in your kitchen.Simply install batteries on SNOOPER and tune Your radio up to 100 feet inside, 800 feet in the open.

The Federal Communications Commission is receiving numerous demands on a daily basis concerning the use of low power FM transmitters in the 88 to 108MHz for use in indoor applications where more RF power than Part 15 limits would be required and is studying the possibility of discharging the users of the requirement to hold a broadcasting license for such applications. For the moment, the MS-100 series are FCC part 15 certified (FCC ID: MCHMS-100) and do not require a license for their operation in USA. Modification of these units by the end user is illegal and severe fines can occur if such units are modified from their original aspect. Electronic Laboratories will not be kept responsible if the end user decides to modify the original aspect of these units. Assembled and operational.

Timer with Relay Outputs



Shipping INCLUDED (continental US)

For intermittent operation of circuits and equipment. Blinking light, video/photo single frame shooting, slide projector control, miniature models. 5A output relay with dry switch-over contact Pulse time adjustable between 0,5 and 5s Pause time adjustable between 2,5 and 60s Power supply : 12VDC/100mA (not included)


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